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Today I Miss . . .


Gyeongju, South Korea

  • My shoes. It turns out I was too successful at making sure I didn’t overpack. I wound up bringing only one pair of acceptable winter shoes. My feet and legs doth protest.
  • My oven. It’s officially fall. That means baking time. All the baked goods. All the time. Unless you don’t have an oven. Then it means drooling over social-media proof that elsewhere around the world, there are ovens. And they’re taunting me. Taunting me, I say!
  • My family. The rapidly cooling weather (and all Korea’s fantastic options for presents) are nudging my thoughts toward Christmas. This year there will be only a week where the original four of the Layman family are all together, and it’s simply not enough.
  • My friends. Y’all. This time difference is no joke. And America’s Daylight Savings change is throwing me off more than ever! Up until now, I’ve really taken for granted the simple almost-guarantee that if I’m awake, my friends are too.
  • My coworkers. How awesome is it to work somewhere that makes you actually miss going into the office?! I didn’t know that was possible.
  • My couch. With Gilmore Girls on Netflix now (which Neil agreed to watch because he’s the best), I just want to sprawl out on the couch with a blanket and pretend I live in Stars Hallow. [As an explanation, Neil’s apartment has chairs but no couch. In most ways it works out better like that. Just not for Gilmore Girls binges.]
  • My home office. Okay, so in a lot of ways that’s the same as missing my couch. But I do have a dedicated workplace at home and somedays I just want to sit in a desk chair and work without having to buy a latte.
  • My Tex-Mex. Don’t get me wrong. Korean food is straight-up 맛있어요 (delicious). (Yes, I did just write that in Korean. Because I can!) But I could really go for an beef enchilada. Just one. . . . And guacamole. And chips and salsa. And queso. And chorizo. Maybe throw a tamale or two in there for good measure. While you’re at it, bring on the tacos.
  • My church. This beautiful fall weather needs Sundays filled with old-fashioned hymns. Contemporary Christian music just doesn’t cut it the same way.

Yesterday marked two full months that I’ve been on this whirlwind Korean adventure. How time flies. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. But today, I miss America (the one with Neil in it, too).

Love to all of my (most likely sleeping) readers!


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