Cooking Craze

I stayed away from Pinterest as long as I could bear it; I really did. But I caved a few months back and since then I have been your typical pinning fanatic. It might be one of the main reasons I haven’t spent as much time blogging. It’s just so darn awesome! My favorite part of the site is its handiness as a digital reservoir for all the delicious recipes I stumble upon in my day-to-day life as a food junkie (I’m nowhere near fancy enough to qualify myself as a foodie). Just the other day I decided I had to create separate boards for my “sweets” and my “savories” because there were getting to be too many recipes to handle on one board.

I thought I’d offer up a few of my favorite treats that I’ve made thus far! I didn’t take photos of every dish I made; sometimes I was just too hungry for that!

  • French Muffins: From what I can tell, “French” means “dipped in melted butter and rolled around in cinnamon and sugar while still warm from the oven.” Very few ingredients and super simple to execute! Winner!

  • Blueberry Flax Seed Muffins: Much healthier than the French muffin, this was delicious in a more wholesome, less sinful way. The recipe says to top the muffins with flax seed, but I went ahead and topped them with a flax, cinnamon, and brown sugar combination that would make them taste a little less wheaty-y. They made for a great breakfast! 
  • Cajun Cauliflower Casserole: Oh, yes. One of those dishes that gets better as you let it sit. Next time I will probably use fewer bread crumbs (trust me, I was just as shocked). I did, however, mix flax seed into the bread crumbs to be sprinkled on top and I think that extra fiber helped make it even heartier. It will make a great base for any casserole, really. Improvise on what else you want to throw in there!
  • Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, and Gruyere Tartletts: Just say that name and try not to drool. Definitely add some spinach and bacon to the recipe.
  • Dark Chocolate Toffee Bars: Oh. Em. Gee. These bars are amazing. I made them for a work baby shower and they were quite a hit! The base is a shortbread type of cookie, and it. is. fabulous. I can’t get over how good it is, actually. It will definitely become a staple. I’m thinking that for Christmas I’ll be using it with peppermint bark (chocolate and crushed peppermints) spread on top rather than nuts.

This is just a sampling of the endless train of recipes that has been parading through my kitchen for the whole of 2012. For some more ideas, feel free to visit my Pinterest! If I’ve tried out the recipe, I have the verdict written on the post!

Happy cooking!



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2 responses to “Cooking Craze

  1. studentnp

    How cool! I tend to look at recipes and then not actually make them. French muffins (with extra butter and sugar) sound great though!

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