Time Warp

Pearls, how I have failed thee! It has been far, far too long since I’ve posted on my lovely blog, but I’m planning to change that (look, I’m doing it right now!). Life has been a blur lately–a kaleidoscope of emotions, events, victories, losses, and, well . . . life. Just like everyone else in the world, my life is crazy at times and obviously I’ve been a busy bee since Thanksgiving. Buzz, buzz.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but here are a few highlights of the past seven months: a mugging at gunpoint (I kid you not); an onslaught of work; falling out of love; getting to know myself and my God; falling in love; spending four hours trapped in a tent by a feral hog (again, I kid you not);  and learning, learning, learning (dare I say growing?!).

All this has left little time for recreational reading, but I’m hoping, praying, desperate for that to change soon. Until then, I leave you (and by “you,” I mean myself) with the reminder that through all the joys and hurts, hope is always within arm’s reach.

All around hope is springing up from this old ground. Out of chaos life is being found in You.”

–Gungor, “Beautiful Things”

{Check it out here.}



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4 responses to “Time Warp

  1. Jackal

    Your font formatting alone is reason enough to read the blog! I demand a post of the hog entrapment with no detail spared.

    Also, since i just love your outlook on life and its ability to often make things more difficult than necessary (and since this is what came to mind at the conclusion of this post), may I inspire another entry by requesting a little insight as to when hope is optimistic and motivational and when it is instead detrimental and confining? Does a negative kind of hope even exist or is hope always the longing for something “better” even if it isn’t what you need – which I guess would erase any connotation at all? Of course a few true to life anecdotes would be appreciated.

  2. That’s not blog post fodder; that’s a philosophical essay prompt!
    But my automatic leaning is that hope is always the longing for something better–and by better I simply mean more . . . right for you. Good ol’ Merriam-Webster gives us “desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment.”
    I would think that the hope is never for a better that isn’t want you need–if that’s the case, then it’s not “better” in the first place. That’s transitioning from hope into something less healthy.

  3. studentnp

    I would also enjoy a detailed account of the hog entrapment, though you could tell me in person.

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