True Life: I’m Addicted to Books

Seriously. I have a sickness. I cannot not buy books. I can’t walk by a table of them and not pick one up and feel the neeeeeeed to see what delicious literary feast (or, let’s be honest, half-warmed TV dinner) awaits me within its pages! And if I stumble upon a local bookstore, I’m a lost cause. I’ll tried my hardest to singlehandedly keep that store afloat–at least for another day.

Complementing this problem is the fact that reading for nine hours a day at work and then going home to continue reading doesn’t quite work out all the time (curse you, eyes!). So you can understand that this of course means that I have a whole section of my bookshelf dedicated solely to books I haven’t read yet. Books just begging me to crack their spines, crease their pages, and fall in love with their characters. Drool.

I want nothing more than to grab a giant stack of books, run away from life to a log cabin in the mountains, and camp out until I’ve finished all of them. Alas . . . real life is rude and just won’t let me do that. So I’m left with prioritizing what I want to read next. Here are my current top three to-be-read-as-soon-as-humanely-possible books:

You guys, I want to see this movie! But (surprise, surprise) I've just got to read the book first!



Tina Fey's writing made me smile from the first line I read in the store. I am pumped!

Somehow this book missed all my required reading lists, which is probably a good thing because now I'm actually excited at the prospect of reading it.






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2 responses to “True Life: I’m Addicted to Books

  1. Daniel M

    I think you’ve identified the main problem I’ve been having lately–I read so much that I’m no longer in love with reading. I’m in love with the books themselves. I just love the way they look and feel–isn’t that sad/creepy?

  2. No, I completely understand! And the more I learn about books, the deeper in love with them I fall. It’s a vicious, glorious cycle.

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