Picture Frame Jewelry Holder

A few weeks ago my friend Jess gave me a pile o’ frames–crafty love. I passed most of them on to my roommate when she moved away so she could decorate her new apartment with them, but one was the perfect size to make a jewelry holder that I had in mind. This project turned out to be super quick and simple–my favorite kind!

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the original frame, but it was all gold, with different treatments on the two levels of the border.

I taped off the inside because I liked the way it looked and decided to paint only the outside border. Remember that gorgeous plum color I used for my lamp redo? It strikes again!

Rockin' the painter's tape

I then cut out foam board to fit into the frame. It was much too stark as plain white, so I mixed cream and brown to make a more muted background. From there, I simply hung up my jewelry using pearl-headed pins (of course)! Voila!

'Ello there, 'Arry!

And again!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


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  1. caitlinmccolloch

    cute! love you

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