This Book Is For Real

Today and tomorrow are moving days for my roommate and me. After three glorious years of roomie-dom, she is heading off to grad school and I am moving in with two other fantastic friends of mine. Needless to say, things are a bit hectic!

This means that I haven’t yet had a chance to write up a review for Heaven Is For Real (Thomas Nelson, 2010), which I recently finished. I finally decided that I don’t want you to wait until I officially review it for you to get this bottom-line message: Go read this book! Now! If you were on the fence about it at all (like I was), then I am confident in saying that it is a worthwhile read.

A full review is to come. Until then, get your hands on a copy so we can talk about it!


How great is this cover? I'm in love with the color.



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4 responses to “This Book Is For Real

  1. Ms Layman

    It is a great read. I don’t know how non-Christians will accept it, but, they are probably not choosing to read it. In addition to being meaningful, it was an easy read.

  2. Yes, very conversational and pleasant!

  3. Got my copy – can’t wait to read it! Thanks for that little extra nudge, I needed it. Maybe I’ll start this weekend!

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