Who Doesn’t Love a Good Thesis?

Ah, the thesis. One of the most important aspects of beginning any project. The chunk of text that lets all your readers know what’s up. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What do you hope will come of your doing it?

I grew up with a very future-oriented mind-set and a clear-cut path in life. High school, college, career. Badda-bing, badda-boom. The details were always pretty fuzzy, but that was the bullet-point list. Everything up to this point has been purpose-driven. Do well in high school so you get into a good college; do well in college so you get a good job; do well in your career so you are recognized for your hard work (by this point in life, working hard to do well becomes almost a reflex, something you can’t help but do). I suspect this plot sounds pretty familiar to plenty of you.

In the case of this blog, I want to depart a bit from concrete plans and mapped out journeys. I have to say—at the risk of sounding like a blog snob—that I really do want things to happen more organically. However, just to give y’all a free pass to the insider’s track, there will be four main components of Pearls: book reviews, editing/writing tips, delicious recipes, and crafts that I am incredibly envious of/am attempting to complete. It is my intention to walk the line between personal and professional—cotton tee meets pearls, if you will.

This is an endeavor of the heart and the mind—because as you’ll see, I think the two should be coworkers in just about everything. Don’t you agree?


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